Google me graciously. Please and Thank you.

According to several reports, would-be/could-be/should-be employers are looking at your social media career—because lets face it, your social media activity is your own little PR machine with you (for better or for worse) at the helm—to inform their decision of whether to hire you or not.

Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my employer?

It was with that in mind that I decided to put together this little missive; a guide, if you will, with hopes that said employers will catch wind, take heed and cut us some slack.  Catch. Take. Cut.  May this entry strike one huge blow for us job seekers.

Dear Employers,

When snooping investigating the background of potential employees, particularly me:

You might see this:   But this is what you SHOULD see:
  • A blog post or Facebook status ripping current job or current employer
  • A blog post or Facebook status ripping current job or employer with perfect grammar. Good grammar is hard to come by.
  • A picture of job seeker in seemingly compromising position with questionable individuals
  • A successfully uploaded picture of job seeker in seemingly compromising position with questionable individuals.  You’d be surprised how many people can’t upload.
  • A jobseeker with a profile on EVERY social networking site from Meebo, to Myspace, to Badoo, to Hi5…
  • A jobseeker who has been navigating these interwebs since the heyday of Meebo, MySpace, Baboo and Hi5. Computer proficient? Check! Social butterfly/good communicator? Check!

You get the idea.  During your nosing around investigation you might see things that suggest immature, wildcard, capricious…  I beg you, put on your rose colored glasses and see instead creative, innovative and spirited! Arguably creative people are the life blood of any organization.  Ask red-headed, enterprising,  Aubrey O’Day from Celebrity Apprentice (not blond tantalizing Aubrey O’day from Danity Kane).

The takeaway: have a heart.  Say to that deserving young slacker, diamond-in-the-rough, YOU’RE HIRED.  You won’t regret it!

Only a creative person could come up with positive words to describe this hair.

Days/Titles 104-107

Check em out out, buy em, download em. Give these books some love!


7 thoughts on “Google me graciously. Please and Thank you.

  1. Immature comments, nudity, or just plain jackass statements that some people make on Facebook or Twitter, annoy me to the point where I usually consider whether to keep someone as a friend or not. Sometimes I even decide to let the first situation slide and make a mental note to see if it happens again, and if it does, I surely will unfriend, delete, or do whatever I have to do to get rid of you.
    Now, if I can do this, someone whom you don’t need to impress for any reason, imagine the criteria for those that need to be impressed, like employers, they must really tolerate even less bullshit. However, when it comes to employment, I still think its preposterous to judge someone on their Facebook status, instead of their ability and qualifications to do the job at hand.

    Those books look great! Please keep an eye out for African writers as well, for me… *pretty please!*.

    • that’s understandable and within a social realm its par for the course to ‘vet’ your people and weed em out according to your likes/dislikes. lol!! i’m just annoyed that employers are rifling thru a ‘fun’ outlet like facebook to decide whether a person is employable or not.

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