I’m for books. Are you four books?

Day 47-50!!!

Come hook or crook I’ve given you 50 books! Who loves ya babe?! 😀


I see Black people : The rise and fall of African American-owned television and radio
Zook, Kristal Brent

Nation Books, 2008

Black people? Not at the Oscar's you don't...


Allergy-free gardening : The revolutionary guide to healthy landscaping

Ogren, Thomas Leo

Ten Speed press, 2000

God bless the allergic. No seriously.


Oneness with all life : Inspirational selections from A new earth
Tolle, Eckhart

Dutton, 2008

I'm as granola as the next granola chick but this guy weirds me out.


Intellectual traditions of pre-colonial Africa
Hilliard, Constance B.

McGraw Hill 1998

Too bad this is Must-I-Move? Monday because I would've loved to mini-review this book. Très intéressant!


Day 26 With arms wide open…


A picture of somewhere you’ve been:

This is me in Africa. I honestly don’t remember whether this picture was taken in Morocco or around Goree Island.  Judging from the somber draw to my face I’d guess Goree.

My Africa trip was the medicine I didn’t know I needed.  I was a typical teen, a tad self centered, jaded and completely convinced I had all the answers.  The Africa trip quieted my internal noise pollution and shifted something in my soul…

Here’s a poem I wrote about my trip:

Prelude to shahada

there is a night worthy of climbing into, with whispered prayers ebbing… Laillah-ha-illalah
and flowing …Subhanallah…

there are horizon’s worth breathlessly chasing,

and the breezes? enlivening, more honest.
the night’s lights assured a young girl she was on the cusp of something great… over there,

sweet smoke and wisps of the wash woman’s soap float on enchanted air.
there are trees with perfect silhouettes, boughs that beckon east and west,
o’ how capable those arms and how welcoming, i was home over there.