Focusing on day 3 of 30 day Blogging Challenge

Your idea of a perfect first  date:

I did go on the occasional date  B.I. (Thats Before Islam for short. The long version is Before Islam Scooped My Irresponsible, Capricious Arse Outta Heathen-dome).  And I tell ya as long as I ate and he paid I was half a happy camper. My happy camperness cup went from half empty to full if the conversation was good. 

That being said lemme tell you about my 1st perfect date. Landmark diner was the where. Back then it was a repectable dive with mediocre ambiance and consistently delicious fare–especially the cakes.  Nowadays they pay more attention to the the snazziness of the joint and the food is mediocre at best. 

We ate. He paid (halfway there! Bring it home baby!) We talked. I’d be lying if I said I remember the conversation but my date was a master storyteller; funny, insightful and engaging. At some point in the evening he wrote me a poem on the paper placemat, the kind with the gold Greek key border **swoon**.  Is it any wonder I married the guy?