Focusing on Day 6 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge

A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet

my friend's dragon 'halo'. she's always ready for her closeup!

i think these are called Texas Horned Lizards (turns out they’re called Bearded Dragons).  i know the obvious primary reason for having such a pet–low maintenance.  i imagine they are pretty low maintenance. a friend of mine has one and you’d never know she was there.  she just chilled catatonic like in her terrarium, occasionally munching a leaf and darting her eyes (the lizard, not my friend).

but i wouldn’t want a Bearded Dragon for the obvious reason. i would want one because….  **in bobby’s mom’s voice**  ” they’re so g-darned cute doncha know?!” they are a ball of puffy, spiky, perennial-wry-grin having cuteness!  i fell in love with these creatures on a visit to my friend’s house when, after some coaxing, i let her perch her pet lizard on my shoulder. her warm buzzing underbelly was beyond endearing and she stole my heart.

i don’t do pets because i have 4 kids.  they’re from the species crumbmakerous-sanity takerous. it’s all i can do to keep them fed and watered not to mention remembering to change the newspaper lining their cages (KIDDING! sheesh!)  anyway, i don’t do pets, but if i did do pets i’d get one of these beauties.  or a legion of angry birds.