The nuts and bolts of it:

I’m a muslimah, wife and mother of four.  I’m a librarian.

The cotton candy of it:

I love to observe. I often take mental notes about my observations but figured why not (b)log them? Maybe I can learn from them.  Maybe others can too. With this blog I wanna zoom in on the million little pieces (James Frey, may I?)  that make up my life. My focus can sometimes be a little cloudy–but I’m looking! And I’m determined to see what I’m supposed to see.  I read books to mine for universal truths.  I watch movies for the same reason. Read with me! Watch with me! I’ma tell you what I see. Feel free to do the same…



ps- This too!


10 thoughts on “About

    • oh my! please forgive the tardiness! i have been AWOL as us bloggers are sometimes wont to do 😦 but i intend to carve out time to keep on posting 🙂 enough with all that, THANK YOU FOR THE NOMINATION! i TRULY appreciate it! it is fuel to keep on chugging… 😀

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