Focusing on day 4 of the 30 day Blog Challenge

Your favorite photograph of your best friend:

cue the music:

this is a pic of jax AKA lady j. boone AKA Her Awesomeness. i’m blessed to have best friends within my family (shout out to Ihsan! Nonz! Ndo! Maj! Badia! Nia! Kub! Kareema! Za!) but ‘outside’ of my family this chick is the best friend any girl could hope for. she’s radiant, creative, avante garde (i remember in school i couldn’t wait to see what jackie was gonna wear 🙂 ), selfless, intuitive, wise and revolutionary! when we get into those golden years  (God willing) she’s gonna be a jazzy old babe and i’m gonna be a crotchety, cantankerous old broad (see:

Weezer from ‘Steel Magnolias’) . here’s to us! 😀happy jax