Focusing on day 8 of 30 day blogging challenge

A song that suits your mood:

It was between this, the Isley Brothers’ version of ‘Summer Breeze’ and Bruno Mars’ ‘The Lazy Song’.  Bruno got scrapped because he started to riff mid-song about having pre-marital sex. The song started off as a proud declaration of the young man’s firm commitment to the principles of couch potato-ness and quickly devolved into sexual deviancy. NEXT!

‘Summer Breeze’ is nobody’s sloppy seconds (does that term send y’all grammatical spidey senses atingle like it does mine?). The arrangement is so evocative. The vocals are—hey it’s the Isley Brothers. If you don’t know, you should. But I’m die hard team E. Badu.

All that to say that my mood is kinda easy like Sunday mornin’  and I’m layin’  in my bed, lookin’ out my window at the “blue and green, [while] flowers bloom and birds sing…today”.  And I don’t plan to do much else.

Whatchall playin’ in your mind?