TV and Reality. Un-blurring the lines. Breaking the verticle hold.

Reality TV has been steadily on  the rise and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Get over it ‘serious’ actors/actresses and get in where you fit in.  I’m sure NeNe and nem will let you come on their show and show off you thespianic skills.  But reality TV will survive, it will not be fired, it will remain on top.  That message was bought to you by the good people over at Stating-the-Obvious!

Here’s my observation.  The pervasiveness of ‘reality TV ‘ may just have gone to our heads in ways that could prove harmful.  Sure there’s the innocuous condition I like to call Gimme-a-show-too-osis.   This is an affliction where the subject thinks that some facet of their life is sooo  interesting that the world is missing out if they don’t tune into it.  I must admit I once suffered from it and firmly held that they should make a reality show about la vie d’un librarian.  It really isn’t all shelving and shushing!  But a reality show is a bit of a stretch ’cause we don’t have hot tubs or drinks in fluted glasses.  Anyway this condition clears up pretty quickly on its own or with a topical application of ‘Nah-son-Next!’.

To my point of this phenomenon proving harmful:  Countless hours of RTV have me feeling like the camera’s are on and a director will yell ‘cut’ before I (the talent) can come to any harm.  Not so, and trying to hero walk across a busy street just ’cause you’re feeling Ellen-Ripley-bad will get yo arse  ran over.

And now the books.

Titles/Days 77-80


You can get with this, Or you can get with that

Welcome to the 1st installation of what will be my themed-day-of-the-week-post. Whats a themed-day-of-the-week-post?*  Its when bloggers pick a day; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, you know the rest, and get cutesy with it by assigning it a theme which they will riff on every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, you know the rest.

I must say I see Wednesday done most often.  So the non-conformist in me screamed  “hey! lets go wild and choose…Tuesday!”  Plus I’m off on Tuesday’s so there you have it.  Themes run the gamut from Mama Always Said Mondays to Things That Make You Say ‘Hmmm’…Thursdays.  Those gems are hypothetical by the way.  If someone is writing a Mama Always Said Mondays post give me the deets and I’m there!

So for those who weren’t paying attention my day of the week= Tuesday, fitting right?  And after the careful deliberation that these things require, I’ve decided that my theme= There are two kinds of people in the world.
Congrats ladies and gents you have witnessed the  birth (slime-less and goo-less but maybe a tad orgasmic) of  Two Kinds of People Tuesday!!!

What two kinds are under the microscope today?

1. People who like The Tonight Show With Jay Leno AKA people with Doritos taste

2. People who like the Late Show With David Letterman AKA People with Camembert taste any taste

This dude wears suspenders, and pin stripes! Why does anyone else bother? Letterman's swag is on deck!

*There’s probably some concise little phrase that bloggers have invented as a moniker for this phenomenon but I don’t know it so you’re stuck with my unwieldy, hyphen laden term 😀

Focusing on Day 14 of the 30 day blogging challenge

A TV show you’re currently addicted to:

i love desperate housewives.  i don’t think i’ve ever missed an episode.  a perfect sunday night is me with a home cooked meal on my plate, (if it’s good and it wasn’t cooked by the sweat of my own brow i’m really winning) in my room, door closed to the madness on the other side with DH’s brilliant opening credits rolling followed by mary alice’s eerie voiceover forecasting impending doom for the girls of wisteria lane—sprinkled liberally with moments of hilarity—but ultimately impending doom.  i swear these chicks have seen been involved in  caused more murder and mayhem than folks in the roughest projects!  each character has had some close brushes with death and danger but they keep coming back more perverse (but endearingly so), more manipulative and more desperate.  the show never fails to disappoint. 

i’m also prone to watch modern family, the middle and suburgatory…reed between the lines needs to hurry up and debut. i mean i love white people and all but i’m seeing to much of yall.

the chupacabra of prime-time television. a black family.