Focusing on Day 11 of the 30 day blog challenge

What’s in your makeup bag?

  Ok so this is whats in my ‘makeup’ bag:

1) a jumble of receipts. what can i say? receipts are comforting. they can provide an alibi should you need one (what? it’s hard out here for a Librarian). also they’re like money–essentially they’re the money that you spent that you really shouldn’t have been spending.  you don’t really need those blue zebra print sunglasses do you? RETURN!

2) hand sanitizer. who cares what all the medical nay sayers  say re: the effectiveness of this glorious goop.  it’s become as american as apple pie and as ubiquitous as Rihanna Beyonce  Rihanna so i think the people have spoken.  if i have my hand sanitizer i’m happy, if i’m happy i’m less likely to contract a cold or a flesh eating virus.  massive gap in logic? perhaps. the bottom line is don’t mess with my hand sanitizer.

3) my Carmex. winter, spring, summer or fall i gotta have it.

4) i usually have mascara and Kohl but my Kohl is missing.  i suspect foul play involving a certain 12 year old priss pot.

5&6) palmers coco butter and some other lotion. why the lotion and the back up lotion? i’m black. and so are most of the people around me.

that’s all for this edition!  what are your must haves? share! maybe (just maybe) i need to up my makeup bag game.

the vessel from whence my complex beauty regime springs!