Life after injury. Determination required.

Hi guys,

I know it’s been a minute. I promise I haven’t been resting on my VBA laurels ūüėÄ Interestingly enough I sustained a knee injury (torn ligament) the very same day that I got the award and I honestly haven’t felt like writing. ¬†Ironically I have PLENTY to say because this down time–literally I’m doing a lot of laying down, sitting down and almost falling down—has afforded me soooo many insights.

I’ll enumerate just a few and hopefully I’ll get around to crafting the post centered around the fun run (Dirty Girl Mud Run) where I sustained the injury.

1) Sometimes in life you have to be a “burden”. ¬†Let someone else do the heavy lifting and ask for help. ¬†This has always been ¬†hard for me to do—to “inconvenience” someone”— but life is about give and take. ¬†One day you’re giving, the next¬†receiving (if you go ‘there’you need Jesus).

2) Live strong every day. Now that I’m laid up or ‘sick and shut in’ as one friend called it, I’m filled with aspirations and ideas for leading a healthier, more active life when I regain my mobility (read: walk without crutches). ¬†Where were these ideals when I was fully mobile? ¬†If you’re in relatively good health, use it. I just did yoga on crutches. ¬†Baby steps…

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3) Celebrate the small victories. ¬†I guarantee they’ll fuel your fervor to rise to the next challenge. ¬†I was a little bummed because I was having a hard time ‘crutching’ up the steps, going down is no problem. ¬†I finally decided to scoot but then I’d have to call my kids to bring the crutches up for me. ¬†Well recently I ¬†modified my scoot where I can push the crutches up the steps beside me! There’s that hard-time-asking-for-help thing ūüôā Next¬†challenge: ¬†Baking while crutching. ¬†I’m dying to try these recipes. Like peanut butter much?

Anyway these were a few of the Eureka moments I’ve had. ¬†In due time I’ll be back to blogging more frequently and honoring my Dewey-A-Day promise.

If you checked for me, thanks for checkin’ for me ūüėČ ¬†Anyone out there ever sustained a debilitating ¬†injury? ¬†How did you cope? Oh and here’s a lovely, video I just came across. ¬†Determination required.