Day 23 and then He broke the mold!

15 facts about you:

1.) My inner monologue curses like a sailor with Tourette’s

2.) I got no patience

3.) And I hate waiting

4.)  I pray about that

5.) One leg has to be out of the covers when I sleep. No matter how cold

6.) I hate talking on the phone. Texting changed my life

7.) I count stair steps

8.) I microwave my ice cream

9.) I don’t like dry/shriveled fruit (raisins, prunes etc.)

10.) I love the smell of gasoline

11.) I push elevator buttons with my knuckles

12.) I love Jamaican accents

13.) I’ve never been off the east coast

14.) I reveal way too much about myself on the internet

15.) I don’t watch commercials


*can’t think of a better reason than new life to bend mathematical rules


Day 20 waffling and floundering–not just for the kitchen

The meaning behind your blog name:

I’m fairly new to the blogging-hood, still unpacking and deciding on drapes and color palettes.  I been here about 2 months and had as many names for my blog.  We started out as ‘tenacious nebula’.  I liked it but it never really hugged me.  The idea behind tenacious nebula was that its author (moi) was a bit blurry around the edges and perhaps a tad noncommittal—but that I was working on sharpening my focus. The tagline was ‘blurry, but determined to zoom in’.

So I was chugging along  and decking out my place with a theme change here and a widget there when that noncommittal thing cropped up.  I think I was shelling shrimp in my kitchen when the following inner monologue struck:

Tenacious nebula? Am I serious? What am I? A ‘Big Bang Theory’ fanboy?


That name reeks of beakers and petri dishes. Get me outta there! 

That’s when I resolved to change it.  I got to thinking, whats my blog about? Its about…well its about life. At least that’s the aim, ambitious though it may be.  Peep the stream of consciousness:

my life–>my name’s asha–>asha means life–>my life can slip into arbitrariness if i’m not careful–>whats more arbitrary than Tuesday?

Hence LIFE ON TUESDAY* was born!

*I was also born on Tuesday–Abina according to West African naming traditions.

Whatchall think? Changing it was a good move right?  Quick! Somebody re-affirm!  **nail biting**