Your lane. Stray from it.

I might’ve missed my chance to fly today. Fly on my own accord with my own limbs.  I took my morning walk today and it was good.I felt strong. I felt connected. I felt light.

With the wind at my back, my Instinct (capital “I” because Instinct aint nothing but God) told me to spread my arms and go forth.  I didn’t. I was afraid of how it would look. And what if I did take off? I was afraid of the crash.  I know how crazy it all sounds.  But if you’re reluctant to follow me down this path into a world where brown women in ratty sweat suits soar over the SUV’s parked in her apartment complex, then consider my musing as a metaphor for life.

How many times have you dimmed your light–suppressed your urge to take flight out of respect for fear. Maybe you haven’t. Kudos to you if that be your case.  But if you have, let that be the last time.  Phuck fear. Take a deep breath. Listen to Instinct. Feel the wind at your back and seek the rarefied air of other skies.  I dare you.  I dare me.