Focusing on day 10 of the 30 day blogging challenge



A picture of your favorite place to eat:

The 1st picture is of a table set by my mother for one of her catered affairs. My mother is outstanding  at everything she does—catering is no exception.  Her food is invariably good. Like my girl Nikki Giovanni said, even her [culinary] errors are correct!

When I was a youngin’ on the verge of leaving the nest, my mother tried to pull me into the kitchen to show me some basic cooking skills and my response to her was so quintessentially teen (1. dumb 2. shortsighted 3. uninformed 4. dumb 5. dumber)  that it ain’t even funny.  I said “No thanks I’ll just eat sandwiches. I really like sandwiches”. 

Famous last words. Fastforward 15 years. Today finds me an average cook but I’m sure my kids would’ve much rathered I studied at their ‘nannies’ feet and learned how to make every dish a winner. Ah well. In my kitchen you win some (my family loves my shrimp and grits) and you lose some (my recent attempt at capellini al forno which sat untouched in a house full of 8 hungry people), and when all else fails you go over to nannies’ and see what she has cooking.

The 2nd picture is my favorite Indian restaurant. I wanna go there right now and get mango lassi wasted.