Subway escapades and books to boot…or read.

Welcome to another edition of…Three-random-thoughts-on-the-subway-Thursday’s!

  1. Oh my God! Is that Paul Giamatti! OMG I  love him!! Is it? Could it be?  Nah. This is Atlanta.
  2. Wait. Can these people hear that I’m listening to Maxwell? I don’t want them to see me/hear me listening to Maxwell. What will they think if they can hear my Maxwell?
  3. Oh Lord! This dude beside me didn’t assume the herky-jerky-train-stance! If this dude falls on me it’s gonna be a problem! Dangit!
For more subway fare (Get it?! Subway fare :D) visit here.  Photo’s by Kubrick.  Stanley Kubrick.  Once there check out the 2nd shot for an illustration of the herky-jerky-train-stance:  feet shoulder width apart with a slight lean forward, to anticipate sudden movements and prepare to brace

Sure the Feeble 5 can be on the train, but not Paul Giamatti. Maybe he's filming Sideways 2. Hope so!

And now for the book love!

Day/titles 108-110

At the request of my blog buddy Sel, here are some works by African authors. Lottery be darned! I run this!! 😀

Short read but oh so engaging!

Short stories. Every one of them worth the price of admission but 'Luxurious Hearses'...grabs you and transfixes you. You are there.

Oyeyemi knows how to tell a tale that will scare the pants off you.


10 thoughts on “Subway escapades and books to boot…or read.

  1. Well, the train ‘above the ground’ (Marta) is just as colorful as any subway — ‘now or then’. I bet Kubrick would be shocked at the ‘goings-on’ on the subway in New York in the 21 century. The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi seems like a ‘juicy’ read for me. I love idiosycratic dichotomies – especially if you can interweave them successfully. I can’t wait to pick it up.

  2. Completely get the internal thought process on the subway. I think I’ve had all those thoughts, only instead of Paul Giamatti, I thought I saw Mila Kunis. Which would have made sense since I live in New York but then I thought that Mila Kunis probably doesn’t have to ride the subway. Then I thought that’s a little presumptuous on my part to think that because she’s rich and famous she doesn’t ride the subway. Then I thought maybe I should casually stride by to see if it was her, but the train was too packed and I didn’t want to be THAT guy so I just stayed in the same place.

    …So yeah, I totally get it. Same with the music too.

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