Day 23 and then He broke the mold!

15 facts about you:

1.) My inner monologue curses like a sailor with Tourette’s

2.) I got no patience

3.) And I hate waiting

4.)  I pray about that

5.) One leg has to be out of the covers when I sleep. No matter how cold

6.) I hate talking on the phone. Texting changed my life

7.) I count stair steps

8.) I microwave my ice cream

9.) I don’t like dry/shriveled fruit (raisins, prunes etc.)

10.) I love the smell of gasoline

11.) I push elevator buttons with my knuckles

12.) I love Jamaican accents

13.) I’ve never been off the east coast

14.) I reveal way too much about myself on the internet

15.) I don’t watch commercials


*can’t think of a better reason than new life to bend mathematical rules


7 thoughts on “Day 23 and then He broke the mold!

  1. Thanks for the elevator button tip. I think overseas qualifies as “off the east coast “. You have lots of patience. Waaaay more than me. Not only do I hate waiting, I just don’t do it most cases. I want it NOW! Horrible, I know. Isn’t it cool to be a new Auntie!

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