Tools to help with cost estimate & resource allocation

I found these two sites that help with cost estimation.  One was developed by The Center for Learning Technologies at Old Dominion University .  It features a spreadsheet that allows you to plug in your project information and receive cost estimates.  It is really comprehensive and has pages for each element and breaks those pages down into a division of labor among the producer, designer and tech. person.   The tool allows you to get figures related to your project based on how many hours of course content you are charged with delivering.  I would use this tool to help me get clear on the resource allocation.

The other resource is a website compiled by a seasoned Instructional Designer called  It has a wealth of information (links to other resources, spreadsheet templates, toolkits) on the process of creating a budget and it offers some guidance to less experienced designers (noting the costs of overlooked expenses like stock photos etc.).  I would use this resource to help me develop the line items of my budget.  This resource is ideal for a novice ID because it gives some rough estimates (i.e. “Course is five days or less, then 3 hours of preparation for each hour of training”) and the ID can get a feel for whether their estimates are reasonable.


Clark, D.R. (2014). Estimating Cost and time in instructional design. Retrieved from



One thought on “Tools to help with cost estimate & resource allocation

  1. Hi Asha,
    Thank you for sharing your resources, they look like they provide a wealth of information. I actually should have looked at your blog earlier, it may have helped me with my budget predictions for the project assignment this week. I’ll be looking into these for further details.

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