The more things change…

OK. Confession time.  As much as I still love books and wanna have  like 10,000 of book’s babies (booklets?), I might be abandoning the current format for something less restrictive.   I dunno.  More and more this project feels like HW.  And who appreciates HW? I’m not that kind of nerd.

I started this project to force myself to blog everyday for a year.  70+ posts in I think I’m committed to posting daily.  So what I’m thinking is that I might abandon the formalities involving the book facts/summaries etc. (unless I’m totally into it) and just post the book image and write about whatever I feel like writing for the day (book related or not).  This poses the challenge of actually coming up with a topic everyday.  Ah there’s the rub!

All this rambling amounts to is this:  from here on in don’t look for any rhyme or reason in this blog.  Wait.  That’s pretty much the format we’ve been following all along innit?   Happy Friday smurfs and smurfettes!

Here’s the book:

Day/Title 76

This one does beg to be ravished...



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