My daughter’s Thoughtful 13. How sweet it was…

So my “tween” just crossed the threshold into teen-dumb I meant ‘dom’. Bad mommy! 😀  I made sure the birthday staples were covered: cake, pizza and goody bags, but I also wanted to make sure that she got a wealth of guidance (not just loot and gifts) at this milestone in her journey.  My family and friends are amazing, with insights that I may not be able to effectively impart.  At the birthday gathering I asked each of them to jot down some words of wisdom between mingling and noshing on fish tacos.  Some complied, some were too busy noshing—those were some damn good tacos.  Anyway I said they were amazing not obedient.

My plan is to do something with the advice notes. Something posterity worthy that will inspire her to keep them around.  No, I haven’t already decoupaged them, crafted them into an origami sculpture or blew them up poster sized and wall papered her room with them.  I’m not that kind of WordPresser—not yet anyway (Crafty McCraftensteins I AM joining your ranks one day! Look out!).  But I do hope that the gesture was not lost on her and my daughter knows that we expect her to be thoughtful, introspective and engage the world around her.  She really is a special gal…

I'm a softy of a parent but I'm not above crafting these notes into a medieval torture device---you know, for when the resident teen needs further elucidation.

Day/Title 71

Paris, Pee Wee, and Big Dog

Guy, Rosa

New York : Delacorte, 1984

My reaction:

How fitting that today’s book be one of my fav’s from when I was a teen!

Critics were hard on this book: "The potential for a story is here, but this one never quite happens as it plods laboriously along." School Library Journal


6 thoughts on “My daughter’s Thoughtful 13. How sweet it was…

  1. I really love this idea that you did for your daughter. On my 18th birthday, my mom got off work to take me to lunch and had a list of everything she wanted to talk to me about. I still have the list. It makes me happy to unfold it from my wallet and read out the things she was thinking when I was turning 18. Especially the college being “not cassie’s new party scene” and her assistance at calling the dermatologist.

  2. This takes me back a few years to that sweet teen time in my daughter’s life. This past weekend I celebrated my daughter’s 30th! I still can’t believe she is now older than I was when I gave birth to her.

    And thank you for visiting and following my blog. May we learn from each other!

    • How kind of you to visit mine! Yes, I have to pinch myself sometimes when I look up to my daughter (she towers over both me and my husband) to speak to her. lol!!

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