Take these books and love ’em!

Days/titles 66 & 67

Book #1 Bibliographic Information:

Yankee doodle dixie
Patton, Lisa

Thomas Dunne Books, 2011

Summary (Amazon):

A charmingly funny testament to second chances in life and love from the acclaimed author of Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter.

My reaction:

My aversion to the word ‘dixie’ won’t let me give it even the most cursory of glances. I mean (kicking and screaming) I did listen to my sister’s Dixie Chicks album and I didn’t hate it—Ok I loved it, and who didn’t adore Dixie Carter? You a lie if you say you didn’t. But the Dixie love stops there ’cause in a game of word association if you say Dixie I’d think Jim Crow.

Nonetheless here’s your book.

Peachy keen. Maybe. Don't know 'cause I didn't read. Now THATS sticking it to The Man.

Book #2 Bibliographic Information:

The most scenic drives in America : 120 spectacular road trips

Reader’s Digest Association

Reader’s Digest, 2005

Summary (Amazon):

A one-of-a-kind trip planner, a superb on-the-road reference, and an album of 400 photographs. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, here are 120 outstanding drives that show the magnificence of America-each with detailed, easy-to-follow maps.

My reaction:

My wanderlust is definitely fueled but whats wanderlust without a ticket/reliable car/traveling rags/babysitter for the kids you blithely leave behind/leave from work/etc./etc?

Holiday rooooooooooooooad.


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