We’re all nerds here right?

Day/titles 54-58

So nerd to nerd, I can unleash my I sheer excitement about this new development in the Dewey-A-Day project.  I found a solution to last week’s quandary! Let the Fiction title exploraration begin!!!!

I found this site, it allows you to generate a random identity, name, occupation, address, the works–if you’re into that sort of thing.  Ok, so I:

  • went to the site
  • got a name
  • went to the library’s catalog
  • did a search for the name in the fiction section
  • chose the 1st title on the list

And that brings us to….

My name is not Bella! It's Ella!

Bibligraphic information:

Livingston, Lesley

HarperTeen, 2011

Summary (Booklist Review):

Kelley and Sonny are caught in the middle of a war involving fae and Greenmen, and only their faith and trust in each other can offset the treachery that surrounds them. This book brings the trilogy that started with Wondrous Strange and Darklight (both 2009) to a careening, crashing, chaotic conclusion. Livingston’s artistry at creating imaginary worlds that exist side by side with contemporary New York remains strong, and while it isn’t a good place to enter the series, fans of the first two entries will gulp this one down with gusto.

My Reaction:

I took one look at the cover and thought: Twilight knock off. I read a few passages. From what I can glean there’s some time travel or flash backs involved.  There was mention of a place called Avalon (isn’t there always?), some maidens and leprecauns for good measure.  I’m not being fair. This could actually be a good read.  I’m just not keen on anything teen (funky fresh rhyme alert!!!! :D)  and this is a teen read.  Hope the lottery doesn’t yield too many more.


Teens are good for one thing, self centered-ness and these books reinforce the notion that the world does indeed revolve around them.  You’re a fair maiden, the fate of the world centers on whether your boyfriend is a wolf or a blood sucker with sparkly skin! Choose wisely! 

Also I’d like to send a telegram to 1990:

Sorry mom! My teenager-ness made me do it! STOP

So kids, no reviews for the other 3 books, just images. I’ve worked myself up into a tizzy.  We fogey’s are prone to this from time to time.

Looks rather promising.

Because we all can't have a phalanx of bodyguards. Arm yourself with this book ladies!

I'm actually pretty good at woodcarving.


2 thoughts on “We’re all nerds here right?

  1. This is a ‘mix’ of everything normal– if that is nerdy, then I’m game, especially if I want to step out of my crowded reality and get lost in fantasy–and what’s wrong with a little narcissistic escape. Now, I hadn’t seen anything about Chinua Achebe in some time. It looks like a good read. You know I am all for ‘tying my camel’ when it comes to safety and security. Woodcarving? It might be the hobby I need–I’ve only ever tried soap carving. Thanks for the pics!

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