Day/title 51

I hope this project is fulfilling its intended purpose and somewhere books are flying off of library shelves–not supernaturally or anything but through actual human manipulation. May these bound and bountiful beauties be celebrated and exalted; not disregarded like that $6 state refund check that came in the mail whilst you were living high on the hog off that fat federal refund check. Mmm hmm. I see you.  Ballin’! I digress. Read a book.

The greatest survival stories ever told
Underwood, Lamar

The Lyons Press, 2001

Get your survival on. Bear Grylls and Destiny's Child son!


One thought on “365-51=314

  1. I really would like to know how these individuals survived their ordeals – it might help me one day, and/or the people I might be with.

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