Who doesn’t want to wants to be Yonce?! :D

Day 45!

I don’t generally manipulate the lottery–ok well there was butt on a tubb.  I didn’t review the book but I’ve shown you the image enough haven’t I? LOL! Good times.   Anyway.  In the 45 day history of  A Dewey A Day I’ve never completely abandoned the lottery and just  chosen a book to review based on my own selfish, biblio lust. I’m doing that today.

I’ve always appreciated the art of impressionism–not Renoir and his homies, more like Tina Fey and her homies.  What makes some folks so good at mimicking others (my younger sister, older sister and my oldest son are effortlessly good), and some people so bad (I can’t even do an impression of myself)?

But after I saw this clip, with Maya Rudolph doing a subtle but spot-on impression of the incomparable, the ultimate, the ex-quotient, the new math, the head honcho, bottom line–Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, I had to find to find a book on the subject.  What does it take to be a good copy cat?

This is what I turned up…eventually (lots of Drag Queen 101 type books kept coming up):

Lean in close to see this book because its kinda………NON EXISTENT!

I fancy myself a good researcher.   I used my synonyms, I searched in several different forums, I did my pearl growing, crumb following and all that other Library school stuff and I came up with nada.

I did find this great blog entry on the subject but no books.  This speaks volumes.  It says that it’s an art that really can’t be taught–at least not in a self help book.  Guess there’s no Cher impression in my future.

That said, I’ll leave this nugget just on G.P.

Can't say I didn't give you a title a day!


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