Fool me once, shame on who?

Day 39!!!

A few books back I reviewed a book called “Fooled by Randomness”, a very low profile, under the radar book.  Why did some random dude randomly approach the service desk where I was working yesterday with said random book under his arm?? Random aint so random anymore huh? I think that was essentially the premise of the book.

Moving along to the book du jour!

Ok. Officially creeped out.  After  I typed the first paragraph, I went to the unique identifier generator to do the lottery for today’s book.  I LIE TO YOU NOT…it was the Fooled by Randomness book again. A WTH moment if ever there was one.

Choosing another book.

Bibliographic Information:

Gender, emotion, and the family
Brody, Leslie

Harvard University Press, 1999

I didn't even skim this one but it really does look provocative---the book does, she looks anything but provocative.



This academic treatise deals with the relationship of family, gender, and emotion. Brody (Ph.D., Boston Univ.) has been involved for many years in the study of gender differences. Drawing on a wealth of research, she illuminates the ways in which men and women, boys and girls, develop and express emotions in the context of the family. Research across cultures and age groups is included but, interestingly, there is no mention of matriarchal societies. This in-depth research addresses many issues, from power in relationships to the physiological expression of emotion; evidence of contradictory findings is detailed. This is a valuable addition to the ever-changing frontiers of behavior research.

My Reaction:

Still trippin’ off the un-random randomness. Spooky.



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