Somebody’s gotta do it. Why not you?

Day 37!!

Bibliographic Info:

The boss of you : everything a woman needs to know to start, run, and maintain her own business
Bacon, Lauren

Seal Press, 2008

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Summary(Publisher’s Weekly Review) :

Female entrepreneurs start businesses at twice the rate of their male counterparts , and in this book they will find a practical compendium of everything there is to know about launching and sustaining a small business. Mears and Bacon emphasize building an individualized business plan and developing a firm foundation by establishing clear goals, frankly evaluating your skills and refining answers to the “Big Questions”: what are you really selling? Who is your target audience? How should you best package your business’s public image?

My Reaction:

This book was written by 2 real women.   As opposed to…I don’t know manufactured women?  I’m sure you’ve seen those (great quote from the book)  “frilly pastel books for ‘girl’ entrepreneurs”  that just don’t t seem to naturally have that X-chromosome-y type of voice.   Well their voice is girlfriendy but authoritative.  And they’ve got a blog too! Which I’ll promptly be recommending to my lil’ sister who is starting her own business. This one looks like a truly good find. Check it out!


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