Topiary of the morning to ya! :D

Day 36!

Hey there! If you stuck around after my titular corniness I salute you! Here’s a treat!

Bibliographic information:

The Complete Book of Topiary

Gallup, Barbara

Workman Pub. 1987

Hey there fancy plants.

People attracted to the craft of changing plants into fanciful shapes should welcome this book by Gallup, owner of a company specializing in “Totally Topiary,” and horticulturist Reich, who has worked at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the New York World Trade Center. An intriguing history of topiary sculpture precedes chapters with detailed directions on producing effects like the examples shown in numerous drawings. These are birds, beasts, stars, the moon, etc., coaxed from trees, hedges and vines.

My Reaction:

This book has the cutest little square shape. I love that in a book! It gives some historical background stating that the invention of topiary can be traced to a friend of Julius Caesar’s, a fellow named Cnaius Matius.  It also claims that even the most novice gardener can create these grassy grandstanders.  I once cut some bangs into a friends chia pet.  Wonder if that counts…

There's a wide world of shrubbery to whittle! Lotso luck!


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