Kabuki. Who Knew-ki?

Day 31!

Hello my little turtle doves! No time for a lotta talk today.

Bibliographic info:

The art and culture of Japan
Delay, Nelly

Harry N. Abrams, 1999

I can't help but see Douzi and Shitou from 'Farewell my Concubine' when I look at this cover.

Summary (Library website):

The ephemeral nature of the material realm is central to Japanese culture. Beauty and pleasure are fleeting, and the moment must be captured as it flies. Elegant palaces and serene monasteries are made of wood and paper; simple materials such as bamboo and raked pebbles are as precious as lacquer, silk, and gold leaf. From the formal rituals of archery and the tea ceremony to the colorful scenes of everyday life displayed in ukiyo-e prints, every gesture of art is calculated to open the consciousness to the world. 

My reaction:

This book has chapters on everything that comes to mind when you think of the Japanese culture: Haiku, courtesans, Buddhism, Zen etc.  I’ve always marveled at the culture.  It’s rich with aesthetically pleasing colors and architecture.  Yes, beauty abounds in the Japanese culture…but their operatic singing voices didn’t get that memo.


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