One. Two. Three and to the Four.

Days 26-29 😀

Oops I did it again.

Why do I continue this project?  When I’m tardy with my entries and welsh on my full reporting/reviewing responsibilities?  When the word ‘book’ seems to be antediluvian by today’s standards? Why you ask?

Because the world needs a BM. A book movement (get your minds outta the toilet).  And that movement is gonna start with me!

So do yourself a favor and get your hands on one of these babies!


Fried. Baked. Rotisseried. Printed and bound. Who doesn't like chicken?!


You KNOW you wanna know the deal with the Masons. But if they tell you, they might hafta kill you...


What a title!


From the Abacus to the Apple (Mac) baby! Check it out.


One thought on “One. Two. Three and to the Four.

  1. I love the new blog pic. It reminds me of Egyptian tiles. Oo-o-o! Chicken everything is a great topic.The Masonic Lodge is a far reaching society which is ‘anti-Islamic’.
    Measuring Eternity sounds like a good ‘thumb through’, and The Universal History of Computing — hm-m-m-m? Might surprise the little bit of mathematician in me. Thanks for the reviews.

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