Fancy banisters and the staircases who stand by them

Day 25

Hi friends! For those of you planning to build a stairway—to heaven, your top cabinets (Hey! Me and my husband are both 5’3. We need such a staircase) or where ever suits your fancy, you’re in luck! Today’s book has you covered.

Bibliographic info:

Constructing staircases, balustrades & landings
Spence, William Perkins

New York : Sterling Publishing, 2000

How cool is the word 'balustrade'? Say it with me, balustraaaade. You know you love it.


Ten chapters cover all the essentials, including the subjects of code requirements, stairwell framing, notched and housed stringers, L-shaped, and U-shaped and curved stair construction…many color photos and drawings to explain and expand on the text. It offers great value for the price.”

My reaction:

This book has an entire chapter on figuring the best location for building your staircase.  As well it should.  The staircase shouldn’t be an afterthought.  It’s an important piece of architecture and some brainpower should be devoted to its construction.  What should be the ‘rise over run’  for a house this size? Should there be a landing? Curvature?  Can a simple, 5’3 couple from Tuskegee, Alabama/Savannah, Georgia get the box spring to their mattress up these stairs without sawing it in half?

The geniuses who built my house obviously did not read this book or ask themselves any of the above questions.

As such, I’m waiting for the price to drop on these babies.

Besos my faithful few! 😀


One thought on “Fancy banisters and the staircases who stand by them

  1. This book brings back memories of the beautiful staircases inside of the old antebellum homes in Alabama, and some of the New York apartments of the 20’s. I’d love to look at the pictures — I’ll check it out!

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