Like shortcuts? There’s a book for that.

Day 23!

Bib. info.:

Short cuts : the dictionary of useful abbreviations
Kleinedler, Steven Racek

Lincolnwood, Ill. : NTC Pub. Group, c1997, 1993.

**Insert ominous tone** Use at your own risk...And remember "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” --Beverly Sills


This essential reference enables users to break through all the mysteries of abbreviated American English words and phrases. The guide concentrates on acronyms and initialisms found in common work and learning situations and covers 2,100 shortened words used in American English.


Abbreviations annoy me.  Not in a don’t-be-lazy kind of way.  Laziness has it’s virtues–too many to extol here but suffice it to say that Snuggies, remote controls, and pre-made PB & J’s are involved.  No, they annoy me in a there-are-too-many-words-in-the-world-and-abbreviations-are-just-recipes-for-confusion kind of way.

Peep this.

A  sentence using abbreviation: Tom, you  get a comm dis.

Could be: Tom, you get a communicable disease. 


Could be: Tom,  you get a community display.

Whats a community display? I don’t know. But I’m sure Tom would be happier to get it rather than what was behind door number 1 yes?

Viva la full-blown word!  Down with abbreviations!


3 thoughts on “Like shortcuts? There’s a book for that.

  1. I would love to peruse this book! Abbreviations have meta morphed into another language (making an already expanding language more spastic). At least I could ‘brush up’ and feel in the know, or at least follow the ‘bounding ball’ conversation online. 🙂

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