5 books for the taking!

So here I am,  Johnetta-Come-Lately with 5 offerings . Will you have me? Them? We really must stop meeting like this!  I’ll pinky swear cross my heart promise try to do better.  This was supposed to be an exercise in  consistency and stick-to-itness and I’m kinda cheating with these bundled entries.

Without further a-don’t ( ’cause  I obviously haven’t been doing)….

Day’s 18-22 🙂

Oh yeah! To add insult to injury I won’t be providing bibliographic info, summaries or reactions.  Just the book image.  Aint I a Grade A stinker?


If you feed them, they will come...


Look at me now! I'm gettin' paper! Well...books about paper anyway.



I remember this guy's antics being a huge scandal back inthe 80's. Now it seems like childs play in comparison to today's public figures. One word. Weinergate.


Well what do you know? Our values are conveniently located in this attractive 939 page book!


This one is kinda calling me. My interest is piqued...


4 thoughts on “5 books for the taking!

  1. Well, I have this great boxed (three-sided) window where I sit and sew, and it has a giant ornate hook for a bird feeder, or a hanging climber of a plant. It will be late summer before I can afford to put up a humming bird feeder, so I would love to know what food stuffs would attract some of the birds in my area. Maybe I’ll try a big pine cone smothered in peanut butter rolled in generic bird seed and see who comes to nibble. This book might provide me with the best info around.

    I have been fascinated by the different types of currency since I was a child, along with postage stamps, because my father was a postmaster at one of the several post offices in my home town. Maybe I can interest one of my grandsons in the different types of money from all over the world. (hint-hint! — 🙂

    Weinergate, huh! Well, those who ‘pastor’ others, also need to be pastor-ed. Check their ‘nafs’ at the door so-to-speak. Maybe this could be a good ‘coffee round-table’ book. (…or bulls-eye target for darts — :-

    ‘939’ stories all summed up nice and neat, eh? I would hope during African American History Month, that this could become a good read before bedtime — chocked full of all the famous Africans that I grew up admiring and drawing confidence from — in addition to remembering the stories that my father used to tell us during trying times in his childhood and our grandfather’s (which by the way, they were still lynching black men in Mississippi!)

    I haven’t read the Song of Solomon in eons. I’d be interested in what other stories and poems that this book has to offer. I think l’ll download it to read on my laptop.

    Thanks for the cache of suggestions. I haven’t been in a public library for a whole year.
    The girls and I used to be a permanent fixture at the Martin Luther King Library. I miss it living way out here in ‘Who-ville’. Maybe I can slip you my library card and get some things, if I place them on hold?? (pretty ple-e-e-ese!) — especially, the DVDs.


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