749.7 STEP right up and DIY

Welcome to Day 2 of a Dewey A Day!!!

Bibliographic Information:

Step-by-step Frame it Yourself : Matting & Framing

Creative Publishing International

Summary (Library Website):

Readers can achieve professional results and enjoy substantial savings by learning to frame artwork themselves. This handy resource discusses designing, preparing, and assembling mats and frames and details all the necessary tools and materials. 175 photos/illustrations.

Get with the program. D.I.Y.

My Reaction:

This book is old so there may have been major changes, I’m talking leaps and bounds, to occur in the framing industry.  State of the art stuff.  You really can’t take your eye off the ball in the exciting world of carpentry.

Condescending tone aside 😀 I really do like this book.  And I learned a new word.  And  if you tuned in yesterday you know how I feel about that. And hey!! For my WWF  (Words With Friends) people or even my HWF (Hanging With Friends) people these word gems that I drop on you might be your ace in the hole one day!


rabbet– A step-shaped recess cut along the edge or in the face of a piece of wood, typically forming a match to the edge or tongue of another piece.


You too can mat multiply!

Good word right?! Anyway this is a short read at 59 pages.  And when you’re done you’ll know how to frame a mirror, do a raised or multiple mat and frame a needle point—Oh Lord.  I’m a librarian pushing needle point.  Will the granny-ness ever cease?  Ah well.  Hope you kiddies learned something! Don’t forget to get some hard candy outta the candy dish on your way out.  You might need a chisel.  And hand me my Bengay will ya?

photo from Ivan Tutorga flickr


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