Day 28 Stars and Thumbs

Your favorite movie:

Allow me to jump up on my film geek high horse.

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Whew! Vertigo!

So here’s how I feel.  If you really love film, it’s not possible to choose a favorite movie.  I think my film Sheik—The Incomparable Roger Ebert—would tend to agree.  When queried with the inevitable “whats your favorite movie?”,  he ultimately arrives at this most astute sentiment “The only truly honest answer is: I don’t know.”  

I feel you Roger.  I have zero film education/background save for my auto-didactically informed estimation of what makes good cinema.  For me its these few things:

  • no matter how outrageous the subject matter, does it ring true?
  • does the film lift, carry and then place the voyeur gently on the ground—or does it drop you with a thud?
  • does it tell a complete tale? and accomplish what it set out to do (make you laugh, cry, think)?

No, I don’t have a favorite film but I do have female and male lead types that I’m partial to.  I love my men wounded but transendentally aware like Randy “The Ram” Robinson in The Wrestler and Bob Harris in Lost in Translation.  I like them slightly twisted and dark but still managing to be the most ethereal thing on the screen like Karl Childers in Sling Blade and Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction.  I like them unapologetically un-normal and endearing like Andy Stitzer in The 40 Year Old Virgin and Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin.

As for the ladies.  I like my female leads remarkable in ways other than beauty, like Annie Hall in Annie Hall, Celie in The Color Purple and Ruby in Cold Mountain.  I like for them to be the smartest, most insightful thing on the screen—if not the most vulnerable—like Addie Loggins in Paper Moon and June Carter Cash in Walk the Line.

So there you have it.  I shall now dismount the steed I rode in on.  His name you ask—what else would an aspiring film snob name a pet?  Rosebud of course.


2 thoughts on “Day 28 Stars and Thumbs

  1. Ok….I guess…I’m not a film lover…cause your article was way too technical….but I must agree.. I do love 40 year old virgin….

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