Day 27 the only constant… AKA we can’t afford to be innocent



A picture of you one year ago and now. How have you changed since then?:

I guess I need to figure out today’s date to do this one. I swear the days are running together.  Whats the remedy for that? A vacation? A career change? A new hair color? A crime spree?  KIDDING! sheesh.

OK. So last October I was still on cloud 9 for having just completed my Master’s.  This October finds me asking “where’s the job?”  I digress. But not yet. Ahem.

I AM THE 99%!!!

Yeah. Now I’ll digress.

They asked how have I changed. I’ve probably become more of a realist, more fearless and more aware of what my convictions are—the better to champion them.  Speaking of which, I need to finish packing my occupy rucksack and go join my people. A change gon’ come!


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