Day 22 When they don’t like the cut of your jib

A letter to someone who hurt you/broke your heart recently:

Dear ______,

I recently interviewed with you.  I put on my career separates, toned down my earrings (My earring tastes tend toward the large variety.  My earring philosophy: they should be like celebrations on either side of your head! I digress), and took out my nose ring.  I updated my resume,  and put in significant time and energy gathering and memorizing information about your company.

“Yes I did get a chance to review your benefits package! I’m so impressed with your diverse offerings.  It really shows that you value the most important resource: people”.  This was intended to illustrate thoughtfulness.

“The article in ____ was particularly exciting. I admired the direction you chose with regard to ____. I was recently faced with a similar situation and chose to diffuse it in much the same way, etc. etc.” This was to showcase analytical thinking and a vested interest in the company.

“Do I have any questions?  Yes, are there any pending projects that the successful candidate would be expected to complete soon after hiring?” This, to demonstrate genuine eagerness and curiosity about the position.

I sent you a follow up missive thanking you for the opportunity and waited…and waited.  But you never called. And you never wrote. Until you did.

You wrote to say that I wasn’t the one. I despise those letters.  They try to sound so nice and humane; “while impressive…unfortunately …we encourage you to pursue future opportunities…”.   I would honestly rather them say “Piss off. You don’t cut the mustard”.

So I’m going over my coulda, woulda, shouldas.  Maybe I got there too early. Maybe I was pouring it on too thick. Maybe I shoulda wore the blue top instead of the burgundy.  Maybe it was my khimar (Muslim head covering)….

What ever the reason, you didn’t hire me and it truly broke my heart.  I’d just like to leave you with this. I woulda been the best you ever had. Believe that.



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