Day 18 Joey bag of coconut donuts

Something you crave a lot:

Some times you wanna go…where everybody knows your name…

Well they don’t exactly know my name but they do know my usual.  Not exactly proud of it but I have a usual at my Dunkin Donuts—the coconut donut.  This heavenly, ‘holey’ confection is a hybrid of two of my weaknesses.  Cake—good. Coconut—good. 

I don’t know where this coconut obsession came from.  It really is a recent development but all of a sudden I gotta have coconut: coconut shrimp, coconut soup, coconut cake, coconut ice cream, coconut fish, coconut coconut…

So I figure when they publish findings that rabid coconut consumption is linked to heart health, long life and over-all awesomeness I’ll be light years ahead of the game! WINNING!


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