Day 16 Crush: A tale of celebrity, soda pop and dreams

Your celebrity crush:

I’m a grown woman. What I look like with a celebrity crush? I should be able to opt outta this topic. I really need to inspect these things a little closer before I dive in. Ah well. I’m in navel deep so I may as well finish up the deed.

Lets get the PC part over with.

Well my husband is somewhat of a local celebrity so I’ll say that I’ve got a crush on my husband! That’s my final answer Chuck!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.  As an adult I’ve had few celebrity crushes after I met one of my biggest teen crushes at a concert and he turned out to be a jerk.  Shout out to Q-tip from A Tribe Called Quest! You can add shattering a young girl’s fragile heart (and perception of celebrity superiority) to your list of accolades.  Take that on your award tour.

Anyway. I don’t crush on celebs because I assume they’re all egomaniacal disappointments.  But I’ll run down a list of celebs that I doted on before I knew the truth. This list is in chronological order:

Peach Crush soda (a candy lady must-have)
Tajh from The Boys
Big Daddy Kane
Black Thought from The Roots
Don Cheadle
Kelsey Grammar (don’t judge me)


4 thoughts on “Day 16 Crush: A tale of celebrity, soda pop and dreams

  1. this ish is great….and after seeing the the doc on tribe i’m not suprised jonathan davis, born on ur twin cousin’s bday-behavior. but tajh is just as sweet as sweet can be although he likes to make babies and not wives. but i wanna be like u when i grow up…adult women don’t have celeb crushes…right? keep writing its dope! ps i’m judging u about kelsey grammer…lol

  2. Yeah… Someone introduced HIM to ME in ny at 96th street–as Bro. Kamal–and I didn’t recognize him. I was like, “oh… Mashallah.” What did Mos Def say on that joint with Amir Sulaiman? “stars… Hot balls of gas, that don’t even last/ past break a’ dawn, come sunrise they gone!”

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