Day 15 (losing the ‘focusing on’ schtick)

Something you don’t leave the house without.

Like most folk these days i have a personal assistant in my purse, a PC in my pocketbook, a helper in my handbag. (Is there no one here that’ll stop me?) I’m talking about my phone. It doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some others that I’ve seen but it rings and dings enough for me.

Just today I’ve done my banking, bill paying, blogging and birding (angry) from this puppy. Mobile phones are the Lassie for the ages—they always save the day. They make everybody a boyscout—always prepared. They…ok I know these things are more impactful in 3’s but i got nothing else. But you get the picture.

***sing this next part as a jingle***I’ll turn around and go back home, if I forget my cellular phone! **now add jazz hands** Yeah!!! 😀


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