Focusing on Day 1 of 30 day blogging challenge


to get into the habit of blogging everyday, no matter how seemingly inane, mundane or any other ane,  i took on this 30 day challenge.

First assignment: A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was

i didn’t feel good today so i stayed home.  i slept and ate.  usually when i stay home i feel (hold on while i check for a synonym for obligated).  ok so ‘obligated’ is the best word. i feel obligated to do my june cleaver best–have house spotless, laundry laundering, dinner simmering and at least a decent pair of sweat pants on (the shirt-dress and apron are light years away. baby steps).   today i felt no such inclination. i felt like poo on a stick. my man knew this, as such he shouldn’t have high hopes for orderliness and culinary aromas to greet him at the door right?!  how liberating it is to be completely heedless of folks expectations! back to bed! hope my kids get fed… (couldn’t resist that rhyme. but let me state for the record that i know full well that  my kids and my adorable father-in-law will be fed. my husband is pretty freakin awesome.)


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